Healthiest Indian Food to Eat

Health awareness and the attention paid to healthy lifestyle are booming in recent years. There are startups that want you to stay healthier, companies that want you to eat healthier and people in general are paying more attention to healthy living. And that is very good. No longer are people just stuffing their mouths full of calories just for the taste and convenience.

More and more people have realized that eh best way to stay healthy is to eat healthy and that is exactly what they are doing. As an Indian, it’s hard for us to eat healthy. With our ghee filled food and high carb diet, it is sometimes hard to eat the right thing. So here is what I call healthy Indian food list that will keep you healthier.

Pulses or Dal

Pulses are a very important part of a healthy diet. They are high in protein and fiber and help in the digestion of other food stuff. They are rich in Vitamin A, B, C and E and minerals like calcium, iron and potassium. They are also a good source of amino acids and If you have started a slimming diet regime.


Chapati is a stable part of the Indian diet but its nutritious value is highly underrated. In fact it is one of the healthiest food stuff you can consume without the need for thinking of its effects on your body. It is rich in fiber and helps in keeping your digestive tract going.


Any Indian meal is hardly complete without rice and it is a special grain for us. They are high in calories and although white rice is polished and lost most of its value it is still a lovely combination of carbohydrates and fibers. You have a dose of bot taste and health in the same meal! So have that rice man.


The king of vegetarian products, paneer is a vegetarians chicken. As we all know that paneer is made of milk and therefore it is hard to believe that it is low on calories. It is high in protein and helps build the body. While it may also have calories it depends on the milk that is used to make the paneer.


The gem of the south, Idli is a staple part of diet in South India. Whether it is for breakfast or as a snack or evn lunch for that matter, these baked delights are a part of every south Indian house. Made from fermented rice and dal mixture and prepared by steaming, this food from south is a rich source of carbs and protein and is low in fat, these are also easily digestible.